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We are constantly strong in our efforts to serve our customers around the world.

    Established in 2002, Anhui Crearo Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the security field involving the research and development of Internet video surveillance system and emergency command video system. It has continually pushed the boundaries in technologies such as interactive transmission between high-definition image and voice, audio and video processing, P2P, image speech codec, high-speed DSP applications, embedded operating system, complex network transmission etc. After many years of effort, we have developed a very competitive and complete product series including high-definition video conference, broadband wireless communication, multi-media command scheduling, portable intelligent terminal and Unified Communication technology etc.

    After several years of market development, our video surveillance system and emergency command video system have been widely used by the police, fire brigade, utility providers, schools, mining and transportation sectors etc., allowing us to become the top brand in the domestic field of 3G/4G wireless video surveillance and video emergency command. Currently, hundreds of software platform systems, as well as hundreds of thousands of terminals have been put into practical application, providing important technical and security protection for major events and activities such as 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo.

    Crearo Technology is an enterprise based on product R&D, production, sales and maintenance services. We are able to design special customization as well as a variety of video collection and transmission terminals and emergency communication software platform for users.

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