CreMedia Network Video Surveillance Platform  ——  C7


● Large Capacity
● Safer
● High Reliable
● Mobile Interconnection

Platform overview

1. CreMedia has the ability to deal with millions cameras together, support multistage system cluster interconnections. Realize the bigger system capacity. It’s suitable for users to build surveillance network in the whole city, the whole province even the whole nation.

2. CreMedia supports the distributed deployment of media management platform. The media information will be stored and distributed by the nearest deployed device. Each media management system may have distributed storage units according to the amount of cameras.

3. CreMedia used modular structural design so support centralized or distributed deployment. It can adapt to user’s management mechanism and network better. The surveillance area may cover anywhere if network reached.

4. System services

a. Basic service

CreMedia is used to monitor videos. The basic service divided into media service and system management service according to the service content.

b. Value-added service

Afford multiply services choice, like group command/electricity inspection/law enforcement/video assistant/video upload/update automatically etc.

c. Customized service

The system used service and support separated structure. Afford multiply customization for industry requests.

Login interface

Video interface

Including: video preview/call/PTZ operation etc.

Electronic map

Including many functions: video preview/route tracking/lock target/exactly position information.

Search & download

Search or download the recordings/photos/logs in server storage/client storage/device storage.

System management

Including role management/user management/storage management/linkage management/logic group/alarm plan/electric map/extensional configuration.


Replay the recordings for analyses.

Device management

May set the parameters for devices through the CreMedia system remotely.

Backstage management system

Support web management/video maintenance and manage the components more expediently.

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